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Map Name
This map is great for bragging rights. Have you ever wanted to really mock someone? This is that place to do it. A one on one battle to the death. That's mulch for ya.
Ever play 2fort and wish on the rockets going from battlements to battlements that there was an other map like this? Well guess what. Here it is.
Got the balls? Well in this map there is only one and its in the center. If you have it the other 3 teams will want to blow it off you. And don't think of hiding. The map tells everyone where you are if your not in plain sight aka in the yard.
Ah, remember those history lessons about WW1? This is classic trench warfare adapted to TFC. If you manage to get through No Man's Land, you still have to get to the flag room and then cross the center again but this time with a bright shiny HIT ME sign on your back that looks like a flag.
Ah what I wouldn't give to be a soldier in this map. All those snipers without an explosive weapon to be found. Its 2 bases with all snipers. Have fun. Oh did I mention it is badly lit in each base so you cant see a hidden sniper until its too late. Can you say GIBS?
Soviet Vs US The only bad thing about this map is that it is large. If you play Demo a lot you'll love this map. The insides of bases are all narrow corridors and of course your pipes in them too :)
What do you get when you put 4 teams in a single room, give them all weapons, then shrink them to the size of rodents?  Download this and find out!  Oh, did I mention it was low gravity?
Same thing, only different...HTH.
2fort, but there's a catch...2 forts, no bridge, toxic water, no flags, and snipers ONLY!  The ultimate Sniper Domination Map!

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